Grace Stevens is the owner and founder of Cupcakes by Design. She is a Cape Town based cake decorator, instructor and author of two books. Her first book, Celebration Cakes, Step by Step with Fondant (Struik) was awarded the Gourmand Award for the Best South African Dessert Book in 2012. Her second book, Cake Decorating with Grace Stevens was released in November 2014.

Grace is an award winning cake decorator who regularly enters cake competitions.

Grace travels throughout South Africa to demonstrate and teach the art of cake decorating, teaching her unique techniques with fondant modelling and cake design. Students travel to Cape Town from all over Africa to take part in her workshops.

Since 2012, Grace has been a tutor at Pretty Witty Cakes, the world’s largest online cake school, which boasts students from 58 countries. She travels to the UK each year to teach workshops and to record online classes. She has written photo tutorials for both South African and UK based Chef and Decorating Magazines.

Grace is a guest chef on South Africa’s local Morning show, SABC3 Expresso Morning Live Show, showcasing her recipes for amazing desserts, sweet dishes and decorating ideas.

Grace lives in Cape Town with her husband and four kids.

This blog is to showcase her favourite recipes that she bakes for her family and friends. Grace wants everyone to learn to bake from scratch and to discover how easy and fun it is.

Watch full recipes on Everyday Baking with Grace Stevens. Share your favourite recipes and subscribe so you don’t miss out on any recipes.

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    Baking expertise is a must!
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